Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obscure Anniversaries: Gulf Shores 7"

In the middle is the young Will Oldham (I had to scan it because there's nothing on the net but pix of the current W.O. -- older, balder, beefier, beardier, just generally weirder)

When people talk about young W.O. -- usually to tag him as instrumental to the rise of alt country or low fi or slacker folk or some such -- they typically cite one of the early albums he recorded under the Palace/Palace Bros/Palace Music monikers. Maybe Viva Last Blues, or the first one, with a name any fiction writer will love: There's No One What Will Take Care of You. Those are both great, but I never lost my head over them. Only the singles did that to me. The first big single: "Come In." And the three tracks on the '94 7", Gulf Shores.

That one is now 15 years old.

The tracks are "West Palm Beach," "Gulf Shores," and "(End of) Traveling." My love for them is perfect and complete.

Here's the "West Palm Beach" mp3 (not quite sure what our source is here....). I've been listening to it lately because I think it's amazing in its invocation of place, and I've been writing some place-centered fictions.

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Eunuchsblues said...

The late arriving keyboard in West Palm Beach is the best. I miss the mystery of Oldham and his changing monikers.