Monday, June 29, 2009

SL on the T50

Guess it's a sign 'o the times that I blogged this on facebook first.

Sean Lovelace has been considering some of what's to be found in this yr's Wigleaf Top 50.

My take: he's not doing them for money so he's not writing anything he doesn't feel like writing. In other words, he doesn't seem too concerned about how well any one of these posts matches up to your or my idea of a 'review.' Which makes them a lot more fun to read than most reviews are, at least for me.

In his most recent, he approaches Laura Ellen Scott's "Render." Then he approaches it again. Then he approaches it again.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I dreamed I was in this play and in this play was a Judas moment. I knew how to play the Judas moment, but I didn't know when it was coming or who from.

Maybe that was so it would be more authentic?

The Judas moment came in the communal shower. (I'm really hoping this isn't homoerotic.) I was in there with a character being played by Jack Nicholson as he looked in the 70s. The Jack Nicholson character had snuck in a broken-off bottom edge of a glass vase, and when I was washing my hair, he placed the thing right in back of me. I stepped on it directly, with my heel. Blood mixed with water.

I didn't then think of the line in the C. Forche poem about scooped-out knee-caps, but I think of it now.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Memorious

Excited to read this. There's fiction by Aaron Burch and Thomas Cooper. And there's poetry by my old friend and countryman Rebecca Black. (I read the first of hers, "How My Father Came by the Name of Cuthbert." Holy shite! Do not miss that!)

J. Lethem and W. Salas-Humara

I sent the link to my post about the Silos to the band's website and heard back from Walter Salas-Humara, who seems, as I might have guessed, a great guy.

He had some good news: the out-of-print album I was writing about -- The Silos / "The Silos" -- is available through their site on mp3 (apparently they don't have rights to the cover image; you have to look for the one that says, 'The one with the picture of a bird on it.')

He also gave me an update. The band's in the studio again now, and he's working with Jonathan Lethem on a "musical play." This would be a New York thing, I'm guessing. If it happens, maybe it will be my first trip to Broadway.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pritchett and Nabokov

When Lolita came out, Pritchett sent Nabokov an insulated pot holder.

I wonder why I've always remembered this.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

upDately: Am. Gymnos

There's a long version of the story of how American Gymnopédies slipped into the queue at Willows Wept Press. The short version: Molly Gaudry and I got into the idea at the same time.

I just sent her the first final ms. First final? Something like that....

Of the forty-some I've done, thirty-five are included.

It's still a long way off (sets will come first in Sojourn and Hobart 11), and order and/or line-up may change; but for now....

Houston Gymnopédie 1
D.C. Gymnopédie 2
Kansas City Gymnopédie 3
Baltimore Gymnopédie 4
Asheville Gymnopédie 5
Greenbrier Gymnopédie 6
Atlanta Gymnopédie 7
Seattle Gymnopédie 8
Rockland Harbor Gymnopédie 9
Manhattan Gymnopédie 10
St. Louis Gymnopédie 11
Big Sur Gymnopédie 12
Oklahoma City Gymnopédie 13
Salt Lake City Gymnopédie 14
Albuquerque Gymnopédie 15
Detroit Gymnopédie 16
Des Moines Gymnopédie 17
Cheyenne Gymnopédie 18
Wichita Gymnopédie 19
Sandusky Gymnopédie 20
West Palm Beach Gymnopédie 21
Boston Gymnopédie 22
Santa Cruz Gymnopédie 23
Baton Rouge Gymnopédie 24
Sioux Falls Gymnopédie 25
Newark Gymnopédie 26
Philadelphia Gymnopédie 27
Duluth Gymnopédie 28
Richmond Gymnopédie 29
Flagstaff Gymnopédie 30
L.A. Gymnopédie 31
Omaha Gymnopédie 32
Chicago Gymnopédie 33
Mississippi River Gymnopédie 34
Minneapolis Gymnopédie 35

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Wife Blurbs TWILIGHT

"It may be dumber than the Da Vinci Code."