Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time to Roll this Year's Credits

Ravi Mangla has done his second annual "Best of Wigleaf" post over at his blog. Loved this.

What follows: a list of every one of the writers who've allowed us to run their stories in Wigleaf this year.

I drink to all y'all. You've each made my year better.

Lauren Becker
Matt Bell
Crispin Best
Z.Z. Boone
Andrew Borgstrom
Blake Butler
Jimmy Chen
Myfanwy Collins
Lydia Copeland
Dawn Corrigan
Kristina Marie Darling
Cherie Hunter Day
Francisco Delgado
Katrina Denza
Spencer Dew
Ryan Dilbert
Trent England
Nicolle Elizabeth
Elizabeth Ellen
M.T. Fallon
Kathy Fish
Erin Fitzgerald
Roxane Gay
Barry Graham
Amelia Gray
Mary Hamilton
William Reese Hamilton
Jim Heynen
Sarah Hilary
Lily Hoang
Dave Housely
Tai Dong Huai
Debbie Ann Ice
Jamie Iredell
Jac Jemc
Stephanie Johnson
Jason Jordan
Tim Jones-Yelvington
Thomas Kearnes
Suzanne Lamb
Darby Larson
Tara Laskowski
Kirsty Logan
Ben Loory
Sean Lovelace
Conor Madigan
Kendra Grant Malone
Ravi Mangla
Kuzhali Manickavel
Piers Marchant
Corey Mesler
C. Robert Miller
Greggory Moore
Gary Moshimer
Edward Mullany
Tirumal Mundargi
Nuala Ni Chonchuir
Jason Lee Norman
Jennifer Pieroni
Meg Pokrass
Corinne Purtill
Paula Ray
Ryan Ridge
Tree Riesener
Ethel Rohan
Jake Ruiter
Fortunato Salazar
Ben Segal
Claudia Smith
Craig Snyder
Angi Becker Stevens
Terese Svoboda
Robert Swartwood
Chantel Tattoli
Beth Thomas
Ann Walters
Brandi Wells
Rachel Yoder
Joseph Young
Shellie Zacharia
Catherine Zickgraf

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

C Y I Dub The Collagist Best New Mag

The Collagist made my sort of eclectic list of 2009 Best Of's @ BIG OTHER.

The new issue is the flash fiction special. It includes winner and finalists of the FF contest, as judged by Kim Chinquee (Todd Cantrell, Stace Budzko, Chella Courington, and Kristine Uyeda), plus vsf by Jim Ruland, Jennifer Howard, Lindsey Merbaum and me. Haven't read beyond the fiction yet, but I can vouch for these stories. Like most Collagist fiction, each seems to open according to its own unique DNA.

My cont.: a short plus three micros from the American Gymnos project, a southern set. The short is called "A Note on the Lyrics." Probably I'll say more about it on the Collagist blog later. For now, big thanks to Matt and Steven and crew.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

LR's 2009 Bad Sex in Fiction Award

Littell's passage probably deserved its win--in that contextlessness makes it the most ridiculous. But Roth's is really worse, as writing. Dude was snoozing thru his sex scene. Check them all out heah.

My Turn @ the Unsaid Book Club

I've been enjoying these a lot. Much thanks to Dan Wickett and David McClendon for taking the trouble.

Ridiculous Chanukkah Music from Sasha Baron Cohen's Brother