Saturday, May 17, 2008

I-view @ The Elegant Variation

Jim Ruland was guest-blogging on the Elegant Variation last week, and I did an interview with him about Wigleaf. His theme was good things in small packages, and he had great stuff up all week. The Matthew Simmons interview was awesome. And if you read the interview w/ me, be sure to hit the link for 'Google.' This had me laughing my ass off.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

If I'm Lucky, Matt Bell Will Comment on this One


First of all, when I say 'writerly,' I mean 'prose-writerly' -- because, you know, the music and association you think of when you think of poetry, that's what you expect, more or less, in a good pop song.

I'm for writerly music. That's my position. But I don't often like it. Prosey lyrics, I find, tend to kill the lift. And what's a pop song without lift?

All of this is prelude to an offering:

"Duplexes of the Dead," by the Fiery Furnaces (via Pitchfork)

Listen to this: "On the honeymoon my husband sat still / With a look in his eyes and a pen in his left hand"

Interesting, right? But you doubt you could move to it. You can move to it! REally! This is good stuff, synth and guitars w/ a David Bowie-type groove.

What say, Bell?