Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Auto Blog Post

I went to flickr and put in the first word that came to mind, which was 'headspace.' Then I lifted the first photo that came up under that term, which was this one, by somebody who goes by the name AlterEgo Trip Svenska. I think it's a Second Life domicile or something. Now what. I guess I need an avatar, to take down that unicorn tapestry.

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AstroSphinx said...

Um, techically, it doesn't work this way, as IRL, there are some laws that apply, but whats best about a 3-dimensional "web home" (say for one's personal needs, buisness or art or what have you) you can't just walk into someone's private home (unless they have their home as public access (which mine is) and then you have to have PERMISSIONS to touch people's owned objects..

"Headspace" is just what Second life IS to a certain extent, of course I called that image my personal "headspace" not because its called that, because it isn't, its called "Home Base in the Snow and EYeZ! by AET"..but because I read a wonderful document on line a few years ago with the title "Headspace" and it had very many referances from Situationist International on the topic of archetecture and living.. some topics I really feel close to.

I find Second life a wonderful modeling tool, but disproportionate more often than not, no matter how well you stick to real life measurements it always takes on an epic scale.

Thanks for randomly typing in those words to evoke the spirits :D be well.

AlterEgoTrip Svenska ;)