Saturday, January 17, 2009


It's Jan. 17th. Here's some random dude blowing out the candle on Wigleaf's birthday cupcake.

If there was a party there'd be music. My first pick: "Pops U" (see video below) by the Slipshod Swingers. That's Pirooz Kalayeh's band. His story "The Party" was among the first to go up @ Wigleaf last year.

I think that's a self-portrait of Pirooz at the controls of the space ship there but I could be wrong.

Truly killer one up this morning, "Let Me Go," by Myfanwy Collins.

Anything else to say here? I don't think so. Over and out.


Charles Lennox said...

Has it already been an entire year? Wigleaf's done good. Keep up the amazing work.

Matt Bell said...

What's amazing to me is that it's ONLY been a year. Congratulations, Scott-- It's a great magazine, and I can't wait to see it continue to grow.

BlogSloth said...

Fucking A