Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy 5th SmokeLong etc.

This can't be the first place you've heard about this -- Smokelong's new double issue, the 5th anniversary one. I've got a story in it, which I'm super happy about. But forget that. This thing is just packed w/ enticements. Really. I told Dave Clapper, the editor there, that being in a cabin without internet when the issue came out might just kill me. And I guess I wasn't exagerrating -- because here I am, in the Greenbrier Co. public library, a good fifteen/twenty miles from temporary home. I'm going to read as much of it as I can before Game 6 of the finals, which I'll be watching at my father-in-law's place up the road.

I guess I haven't said anything about this -- being in a remote cabin for the summer. My favorite detail so far: in less than a week, my three-year old, L, has made a full conversion to a way of peeing that seems much more to his liking: he runs outside and rips down his shorts and lets loose a stream from the wooden porch. There's my boy!