Sunday, June 7, 2009

upDately: Am. Gymnos

There's a long version of the story of how American Gymnopédies slipped into the queue at Willows Wept Press. The short version: Molly Gaudry and I got into the idea at the same time.

I just sent her the first final ms. First final? Something like that....

Of the forty-some I've done, thirty-five are included.

It's still a long way off (sets will come first in Sojourn and Hobart 11), and order and/or line-up may change; but for now....

Houston Gymnopédie 1
D.C. Gymnopédie 2
Kansas City Gymnopédie 3
Baltimore Gymnopédie 4
Asheville Gymnopédie 5
Greenbrier Gymnopédie 6
Atlanta Gymnopédie 7
Seattle Gymnopédie 8
Rockland Harbor Gymnopédie 9
Manhattan Gymnopédie 10
St. Louis Gymnopédie 11
Big Sur Gymnopédie 12
Oklahoma City Gymnopédie 13
Salt Lake City Gymnopédie 14
Albuquerque Gymnopédie 15
Detroit Gymnopédie 16
Des Moines Gymnopédie 17
Cheyenne Gymnopédie 18
Wichita Gymnopédie 19
Sandusky Gymnopédie 20
West Palm Beach Gymnopédie 21
Boston Gymnopédie 22
Santa Cruz Gymnopédie 23
Baton Rouge Gymnopédie 24
Sioux Falls Gymnopédie 25
Newark Gymnopédie 26
Philadelphia Gymnopédie 27
Duluth Gymnopédie 28
Richmond Gymnopédie 29
Flagstaff Gymnopédie 30
L.A. Gymnopédie 31
Omaha Gymnopédie 32
Chicago Gymnopédie 33
Mississippi River Gymnopédie 34
Minneapolis Gymnopédie 35


Laura Ellen Scott said...

so exciting! congratulations.

Matt Bell said...
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Matt Bell said...

Very exciting, Scott! I'm really looking forward to reading your book!

Molly Gaudry said...

I went to a Book Arts festival today and came home with some great ideas for the limited edition run -- hand-crafted, etc. Scott, I'll send you pics.

Scott Garson said...

thanks guys....

m-- ! can't wait to see

Chad Simpson said...

Congrats, Scott! I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

Lydia said...

Yay! Looking forward to reading this.