Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I dreamed I was in this play and in this play was a Judas moment. I knew how to play the Judas moment, but I didn't know when it was coming or who from.

Maybe that was so it would be more authentic?

The Judas moment came in the communal shower. (I'm really hoping this isn't homoerotic.) I was in there with a character being played by Jack Nicholson as he looked in the 70s. The Jack Nicholson character had snuck in a broken-off bottom edge of a glass vase, and when I was washing my hair, he placed the thing right in back of me. I stepped on it directly, with my heel. Blood mixed with water.

I didn't then think of the line in the C. Forche poem about scooped-out knee-caps, but I think of it now.

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BlogSloth said...

I never dream unless napping. And I never nap.