Saturday, June 20, 2009

J. Lethem and W. Salas-Humara

I sent the link to my post about the Silos to the band's website and heard back from Walter Salas-Humara, who seems, as I might have guessed, a great guy.

He had some good news: the out-of-print album I was writing about -- The Silos / "The Silos" -- is available through their site on mp3 (apparently they don't have rights to the cover image; you have to look for the one that says, 'The one with the picture of a bird on it.')

He also gave me an update. The band's in the studio again now, and he's working with Jonathan Lethem on a "musical play." This would be a New York thing, I'm guessing. If it happens, maybe it will be my first trip to Broadway.


Matt Bell said...

I'll meet you in NYC for the Silos/Lethem play... that sounds great. I really enjoyed the I'm Not Jim songs Lethem and Salas-Humara did together.

The Silos are one of the bands I first found out about way late, maybe 99 or 2000, but that I've listened to pretty constantly ever since. Great, great stuff.

Scott Garson said...

sounds good! i've got that marked down, at least in my brain...