Thursday, March 5, 2009

This Morning at my Place

I put on side one of Bowie's '77 album, Low. Side one is on my list of things that are good in life.

Two times -- during "Speed of Life" and again during "Always Crashing the Same Car" -- my kid was compelled to get down from the breakfast bar and dance madly around the house.

I think I'll be happy all day.

But I didn't join him. I was waiting for coffee.

The thing about those songs -- they're all top and bottom and stuff at the sides. The middles are perfect absences. They're what you move through when you dance around the house.


Conor Robin Madigan said...

Those were some of the biggest moves--synthesizer moves--a warm album.

Scott Garson said...

good point: i think you can almost forget that the synth is there on that album because it's so unsynthy -- none of that eighties math factor....