Saturday, March 28, 2009

This and That

Jennifer Pieroni's "Nothing Special" in Wigleaf today.

She has a fine one in the recent Sir! too, which I meant to help promote but didn't. Brian Foley does just an awesome job with Sir! One of my favorite webzines.

Something else: Amelia Gray's ff collection, AM/PM, from Featherproof has been out for a while, but the more plugs the better.

From Featherproof: "Tour through the lives of 23 characters across 120 stories full of lizard tails, Schrödinger boxes and volcano love. Follow June, who wakes up one morning covered in seeds; Leonard, who falls in love with a chaise lounge; and Andrew, who talks to his house in times of crisis. An intermittent love story as seen through a darkly comic lens, Gray mixes poetry and prose, humor and hubris to create a truly original piece of fiction."