Monday, February 2, 2009

N O COLON Y 0 0 2

This has been blogged some already but here's my angle: No Colony is necessary. No Colony is not evil. No Colony is a necessary not evil.

For real, I loved NC 001. Beautiful scary live-wire stuff. ANd when I'd finished it there was nothing to do but wait for NC 002, because other mags, they don't do what NC is doing.

Ken and Blake look to have done (insert many syllabled adjective) work on this one. My story, "The Bomb," is one that I really like. I wrote two others around the same time and they were immediately published and appreciated, but in my head I was like, yeah, but they're not as good as "The Bomb"....

Here's the full list of contributors. Pointless to chart my particular enthusiasms here. I'll just say again: REALLy looking forward...

Isadora Bey
Kristina Born
Aaron Burch
Blake Butler
Luca Dipierro
Scott Garson
Rachel B. Glaser
Chris Higgs
Brandon Hobson
Edward Kim
Matt Kirkpatrick
Rauan Klassnik
Lee Klein
Darby Larson
Evan Lavender-Smith
Patrick Leonard
Eugene Lim
Sean Lovelace
Anthony Luebbert
Conor Madigan
Gene Morgan
Bryson Newhart
Christian Peet
Jennifer Pieroni
Kathryn Regina
Joanna Ruocco
Bradley Sands
Ken Sparling
William Walsh
Corey Zeller

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Molly Gaudry said...

Such a great lineup...