Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Out and In

Some decent webzines have died this year. There's Unpleasant Event Schedule, whose name should definitely be recycled by someone (they never did publish the Karyna McGlynn work they were promising). There's 3711 Atlantic, which ran some good stuff last year, and Steel City Review, which probably would have had one story in Wigleaf's next Long Shortlist if it hadn't folded (Dawn Corrigan's).

But if some web journals are biting it, a much higher number of them are just starting out. Roland Goity's LIT N IMAGE is a nice-looking new one, with work in its autumn issue by Barry Graham. The two BG pieces, incidentally, are both part of his new chapbook from Achilles--NOT A SPECK OF LIGHT IS SHOWING. The evidence points to this chapbook being damn good....

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DOGZPLOT said...

thanks scott. the other fiction on there is amazing. i am very pleased with the quality of work on that site. harold jaffe has a great something up about marilyn monroe. and jenny williams stuff is amazing. and of course ja tyler, who has taken over the internet in 2008.

read it all. love it. embrace it.