Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Gentleman from Indiana

This is the 1899 first novel from Indiana native Booth Tarkington, and also the title of my new story over at Titular in the novels section. That dark spooky guy in the background there -- he's not in mine. The guy and the girl? Maybe.

Tarkington is probably best known for The Magnificent Ambersons, which won a Pulitzer and which I think Orson Welles made into a film. But Gentleman was made into a film too, and also a stage play. The gentleman from Indiana did pretty well with the Gentleman from Indiana. I hope to also. I expect a Pushcart, at the very least.


DOGZPLOT said...

good stuff. i like this line a lot:

"I dug out a bottle of pricey ale, which I opened with the butt of my lighter, and a can of light beer, which I took to Mara, who was shouting conversation with the gentleman from Indiana."

Laura Ellen Scott said...

aww, this is aces. assholeishness transcending.
"The gentleman from Indiana spoke with petulant resolve.
This is not the music I like."

I was listening to "Hey you," Basement Jaxx while reading this. Gonna read it again, but maybe "I can feel your heartbeat," Partridge Family, just to see what changes.

Molly Gaudry said...

Congrats on Titular! Do you, or does anyone, know the names of the editors over there? All I got from them was "the editors." It'd be nice to say thanks properly.

Congratulations, again,

Scott Garson said...

thanks guys! m--barry and i found out by accident. if you bug me I'll tell you by email....

m t fallon said...

also "Whiskey slicked my neck."

Great piece.

Shane Jones said...

well done.