Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Open Letter to the McDonalds Corporation from my Six-year Old Daughter

(ed's note: McDonalds' staff ring Happy Meals up as 'boy' or 'girl')

Dear McDonalds:

Yesterday you gave my brother and me different toys in our Chicken Nuggett Happy Meals. My toy was just a duck in a pond. My brother's toy was an airplane machine. I didn't like the duck in a pond because it was just a duck in a pond. It didn't do anything. I liked my brother's toy. It did lots of stuff. It could fly, it could turn, it could make stuff, like people. You shouldn't have given me a duck in a pond. That's something silly. Next time you should give me something like a machine or something like an airplane. I was mad at McDonalds yesterday because you gave me that stupid toy.


N.E.S. Garson


megan said...

c and s got happy meals yesterday, too, believe that? should i tell you that the reactions in our home were totally reversed? c squealed at the cuteness of the dog(?) and walked off hugging and carefully kissing it's bobbling head. s tho, only said 'lame'. he went and got out his 2 or 3 more serious t-formers and surrounded the newer one with them, like, putting it to shame officially and publicly.
clearly it's an age thing. god bless n.

katrina said...

Right on, sistah! Your daughter has a very good point, indeed.