Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy 5th SmokeLong etc.

This can't be the first place you've heard about this -- Smokelong's new double issue, the 5th anniversary one. I've got a story in it, which I'm super happy about. But forget that. This thing is just packed w/ enticements. Really. I told Dave Clapper, the editor there, that being in a cabin without internet when the issue came out might just kill me. And I guess I wasn't exagerrating -- because here I am, in the Greenbrier Co. public library, a good fifteen/twenty miles from temporary home. I'm going to read as much of it as I can before Game 6 of the finals, which I'll be watching at my father-in-law's place up the road.

I guess I haven't said anything about this -- being in a remote cabin for the summer. My favorite detail so far: in less than a week, my three-year old, L, has made a full conversion to a way of peeing that seems much more to his liking: he runs outside and rips down his shorts and lets loose a stream from the wooden porch. There's my boy!


Laura Ellen Scott said...

ha! even before I read the story i looked at the list of writers in the SQ issue and thought, "wow, lookit all the rock stars in this issue!" way to go. the story is really cool, both in content and execution, my favorite line: "the vikes were starting to affect my ability to think in numbers"

enjoy the air gap. we were out of power for 3 days (tornado) and dean became positively twitchy without his 'net.

Scott Garson said...

great to hear you liked it, L.

yes, twitchy. Here I am again at the library.