Monday, July 28, 2008

One Way of Thinking about Frank Black

If Kim Deal is everybody's favorite Pixie, one reason might have to do w/ how little she's changed. "Bang On" isn't exactly "Gigantic," but the lineage is pretty clear. I'd put both in my 'Twisted Party Rock' playlist if I had one.

Frank Black on the other hand. Who is this man? Somebody explain to me the path between "No. 13 Baby" and "I Burn Today," on the recentish Honeycomb album.

That's actually why I like him. Is he a heartsick songwriter hanging around Nashville w/ his guitar on his back? Or is he Johnny Rotten? What?

When writers vacillate wildly in what they do, it's usually said about them that they're still searching for a voice. Like, to do one thing well may undermine the authenticity of whatever else they've done well.

I guess I'd like to take issue w/ that mindest. I'd like to find a positive way of thinking about my own stuff seeming to be all over the place....

But Kim Deal is my favorite Pixie too. And Joey Santiago is probably second.

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