Monday, November 29, 2010

One Swell Pre-Order

{C.}, an MLP Stamp Stories Anthology, can be got as part of this year's MLP subscription --which, at $40, is a great deal (full length works by Norman Lock, Michael Stewart and Mathias Svalina, plus a bunch of handmade chapbooks, by Kristina Marie Darling, Andrew Borgstrom and others).

Or it can be ordered alone.

Here's the idea: people write stories of fifty words or less, and these stories are then formatted into stamp-sized texts and printed on small cards (they're titleless but carry the author's name). Next--my favorite part--the cards go out to independent presses which are participating in the project by slipping them into the pages of direct orders like bookmarks. I've read a couple of them in this way (most recently one by Gregory Sherl which was in a copy of Sam Pink's great Ambulance book from Cow Heavy). And I've heard from a couple of people who've read mine (it's going out w/ issues of The Cupboard). Am itching to read the full deal, which includes--man i don't even know what to say about this list..... I'll just make sounds.... mah mah mah....

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