Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Dog" in NANO Fiction

Been eating this issue up--great stuff by Nin Andrews, Matt Bell, Chas Carey, Doug Paul Case, Sarah Eaton, Erika Eckart, Luke Geddes, Greg Gerke, Nathan Good, Anya Groner, Andrew Kozma, Daniel Lawless, Charles Lennox, Sara Lippmann, Kirsty Logan, Sean Lovelace, Sarah McCartt-Jackson, Shawn Andrew Mitchell, Cheyenne Nimes, Laurie Nye, Carrie Oeding, Michael Palmer, Hannah Pass, Marie Potoczny, Matt Prater, Jim Ruland, Nick Sansone, Kathryn Scanlan, Gregory Sherl, Katie Jean Shinkle, Justin Sirois, Eugenia Tsutsumi, and Desmond Kon.

See lots of Wigleaf contributors there. Could count them but that would require numbers.

Thnx to Glenn Shaheen and the NANO F crew. Is the girl's foot being atomized by spinning blades in the cover art? Sort of disturbing.

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