Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Keyhole Digest for July

I’ve got a short in the new Keyhole Digest. The first two of these have featured work by friends and fantastics like Chad Simpson, Jennifer Pieroni, Charles Lennox, Ravi Mangla, Amelia Gray and Matt Bell. So I’m super pleased.

The new one has writing by Kim Chinquee, David Erlewine, Kathy Fish, Robert Krut, and Suzanne Lamb. My piece is the “Nashville Gymno.” The Digest is distributed for free in Nashville. At certain points of my vacation day here in Northwestern Iowa, I’m going to be imagining Nashvillians at certain points of their own days. I’m going to be imagining them reading my Nashville Gymno. They’re going to be imagining telling me how to dock a boat.

Quick plug: if you like the July Digest, remember to get yourself a copy of the awesome new issue of Keyhole Mag.

Bonus quiz: if you can guess which recent Keyhole Digest contributor has boyhood memories of the lake where I'm currently luxuriating, you win something or other. Haven't figured out what.

1 comment:

Tim Jones-Yelvington said...

Digest looks fantastic!

And I second the recommendation to buy the new issue of the magazine.