Friday, July 24, 2009

Bart-Ho #10

I craftily declined to tag any lit mag as my favorite when answering q's for Ravi Mangla's Recommended Reading. But I notice that a number of writers, maybe a plurality, say Hobart.

I say no surprise.

No. 10 is now available for pre-order. Do I need to say anything about it? Just do a little window shopping there.

Okay I'll say more:

If you look thru the back catalog, you'll notice that Hobart has reliably pubbed people before you knew who they were: Roy Kesey, Pia Ehrhardt, Pasha Malla, Jeff Parker, others.

Okay more yet:

Probably forever I'll be on the side of Hobart, even if they start running automotive porn or Junior League recipes. I'd list the pub. of my short @ Hobart online, "Acquired from Ex-Girlfriends," as one of maybe two life-changing pubs for me. Both were in late '96 (the other was my story "Lucky" in QF). At that point I'd become a little cynical about publishing. As compensation for the web pub, the Hobart guys gave me a one-year subscription, and when I got the first one -- #6 -- I was pretty blown away. I began to ask questions that seem 'duh' to me now -- like, is it a given that you should be subbing your stuff to mags you aren't even all that pscyhed about reading?

I'm going out of my mind waiting for new Unsaid to appear in my mailbox. After that happens, focus switches to Hobart #10.


Andrew Roe said...

Agree w/ everything you say about Hobart. Aaron et al do an amazing job w/ both the print and online versions.

But hey -- your mention of "Acquired from Ex-Girlfriends" from "96" got my head spinning. Am I in a time warp? Has it been that long?

Scott Garson said...
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Scott Garson said...

dude, that was a pretty bad-ass month, got to say...

you, Derek White, Eliz. Koch, yes?

we rahcked the update.....

JWB said...

this was one of my first issues. what a way to set the bar. thanks, dudes!