Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Have Three Stories in the New FRiGG

As usual, it looks just great. LOVE LOVE LOVE the artwork that's up on the splashpage, relating to my story "Young Frankenstein."


Ellen Parker said...

Al Faraone (who goes by EnoaraF) did that artwork, but he didn't do it for your stories--it was just in a batch of artwork that he sent me and I saw it and I was like, God, this is perfect for Scott's stories. Actually, before that, I hadn't gotten any artwork from Al for a while (he's a high school teacher and a husband and a father, etc., so he's busy) and I got nervous so I created a picture for your stories myself but then Al's art came and I immediately shitcanned the one I'd done for you because it just wasn't as good.

Anyway, Al sent me a ton of artwork (he goes on these jags where he creates a large number of pieces in a short time), so I'm all fixed for probably a few more FRiGGs down the line--so I'm feeling more relaxed. I freekin love doing FRiGG. It is a freekin freekin gas.

Scott Garson said...

No way! I can't believe that! I think Al Faraone and I connected in some other dimension or something.