Wednesday, September 22, 2010

story up @ New Ohio Review

It's called the "The Fake I.D." and it's up as a teaser for the fall issue, which is just out.

My other one there, not web accessible, was written at about the same time: "Is That You, John Wayne?" Have to thank outgoing editor Jill Allyn Rosser and the /nor staff for their input on that one: they asked me a fairly simple question about the ending, which helped me get it right finally.

Haven't read any of the issue yet, but I'm looking at the names--Campbell McGrath, Karen Brown, Phong Nguyen, Stephen Dunn.... It's next in line. (I may start w/ the last section, "Altered Views: Fiction Reconsidered," where writers discuss "works of fiction about which they [have] changed their minds over the years." Charles Baxter writes on Paula Fox, Julianna Baggott on Garcia Marquez, Peter Ho Davies on D. Barthelme.... Looks pretty great.....)

One other thing, relevant to the only people likely to be reading this: they've just started taking online subs, /nor has.

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