Saturday, August 21, 2010

The News re: Wigleaf

As of tomorrow, officially—but actually right now—Wigleaf is back on its regular schedule.

The first new story: Tina May Hall's "Last Night of the County Fair." It's part of her soon-to-be-released collection, The Physics of Imaginary Objects, which won the 2010 Drue Heinz Literature Prize. (I've read the book in galley and it's awesome; here's another sweet piece of it, from The Collagist.)

Now for the randomized list of some of the other sure-fine writers w/ work coming up in Wigleaf this season:

Andrea Kneeland
Glen Pourciau
Anne Valente
Beth Thomas
Jessica Breheny
Gabe Durham
Joe Kapitan
Hans Michaud
Vanessa Gebbie
Dawn Corrigan
Sophie Rosenblum
Arlene Ang
Sarah Malone
Dan Piepenbring
Lloyd Phillips
Meakin Armstrong
Ryder Collins
Grace Andreacchi
Tim Horvath
Ann Bogle
Sara Crowley
Edmond Caldwell
Donna Vitucci
Adrienne Bard
Susan McCarty
Steve Himmer

I'm pumped to the top for this stuff. Please stop by often (new stories are posted every few days)—and if you feel like it help me spread the word that we're back…..

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