Sunday, May 23, 2010

Unofficial Acknowledgements Page for American Gymnopédies

So: American Gymnopédies is here. It's sold out again (for now?), but for anyone who got one, copies should arrive by Tuesday.

Some public thanks here for my editor/publisher, Molly Gaudry @ WWP. I read it through, the collection, for the first time this morning, and I realized something—maybe something obvious but something I hadn't fully realized before: what you get in the case of something like this, if you're the writer, is not all yours. MG brought to this thing ambition, investment, big talent. She's been a visioner. Heart MG.

Others who need to be upped for contributions or involvements big or small: David McNamara at sunnyoutside, James Ullmer, who did the cover and interior art, Pia Ehrhardt, Jim Heynen, Michael Martone, David McLendon, Sara Lippmann, Peter Cole, J.A. Tyler, and all the editors of the mags in which some of the Gymnos were first published—though the editors, except for Corium, do get thanked in the pages (thnx Corium).

Today I'm a happy boy.

Next in line for the WWP Very Short Fiction series: Pedro Ponce, with Alien Autopsy, and Kathy Fish, with Foreign Film. I've taught stories from both of these collections. Believe this: I'll be the first one ordering them.


Chad Simpson said...

Congrats, Scott! I can't wait for the mail to get here on Tuesday morn.

Molly Gaudry said...

Thanks for the kind words, Scott. It's a great book, and I'm so happy to have it out in the world now.

P.S. You get free WWP titles now.

Charles Lennox said...

Big congrats, and well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Got my copy, Scott - and it is wonderful!