Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day's Big News: DZANC BEST OF THE WEB 2010

Have been hearing about the nods.... I want to congratulate everybody but especially, on behalf of the mag, those writers whose stories in Wigleaf were honored with inclusion:

Elizabeth Ellen, for "Samuel L. Jackson Is Not a Good Name for a Rabbit"
Dave Housley, for "Pop Star Dead at 22"
Sean Lovelace, for "A Sigh Is Just a Sigh"
Mary Miller, for "Aesthete"
and Jennifer Pieroni, for "Now, Right Now"

Don't think this is the last you'll be hearing from me about Dzanc's BOW 2010. Truly can't wait.

And capping the good news: my story from American Short Fiction, "Premises for an Action Plan," will be there 2.

So uh--yay!


Cami said...


Congrats to YOU and THEM

Ethel Rohan said...

Fantastic news. Congratulations one and all.

Tim Jones-Yelvington said...

Fantastic, esp. considering I thought Wigleaf was totally underrepresented in last year's.

Is there a full list anywhere yet, or is this all from private correspondence?

Scott Garson said...

thnx so much all..... yeah i was telling Matt, i was sweating it out because I heard from Jill Meyer @ ASF a good while b4 Wigleaf heard from him..... He reminded me that 'A' comes a bit b4 'W' in the alphabet......

tim: don't think so-- last year, the first time i saw a full list was in spring, I think, on EWN...

Laura Ellen Scott said...

brilliant. I love all of these writers.

Robert said...

sweetness all around

wv: bersopl