Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here's Something to Check Out

Have you seen Laura Ellen Scott's VIP/VSF blog? Some real goodness up today--bunch of collaborative micros, by Joseph Young and Kathy Fish. In their intro, they talk about the process, which involved each handing over five partials, to be completed by the other, as 'hybrids.'

J. Young: "What a great thing not only to take someone else’s words and work with them and care for them as if they were your own, but also to give over care of your own words, words so meticulously chosen and labored over, and entrust them to someone else."

Just recently I did something similar w/ Lily Hoang for her 'Unfinished Story' collection. In her recent conversation with Molly Gaudry, Lily says how the thing kind of started as a question: "How many people abandon perfectly good projects?" She says how she asked writers "to send me their trash, their discarded & unwanted, and I would promise to love them."

I'll wait to describe the particulars later, but, as J. Young says, it was an awesome experience/experiment. And the collaboration yielded a much more kick-ass story than I ever would have got by pushing on thru......

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