Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Les Nouvelles du Leaf

* No, we're not going print, but we're IN print--or Gary Moshimer is. On the back page of the new issue of Two One Five Magazine, an arts and culture glossy distributed for free in Philadelphia, is a "Wigleaf Presents" section, and Gary Moshimer's story "Birds" from this past spring. Looks like a strong possibility that we'll be working w/ the editors there on another tie-in story for the next issue.

* For a while I've been thinking about the possibility of starting a Wigleaf group/community platform. No place ever seemed quite right until now: we've just launched one on Fictionaut. The only problem: for a short while, anyway, Fictionaut is still in testing, which is to say you can't get in without a contact. Let me know (by comment or email) if you'd like to check it out right away: I've been given some 'invites' for this purpose.


Tim Jones-Yelvington said...

I have unused invites also if you need more.

Anonymous said...

that's really cool about the Moshimer tie-in (and future tie-ins).

Ben White said...

Tie-ins are a cool idea. It seems that with the number of wonderful wigleaf-sized and smaller pieces, little stories should be appearing in more places, no, everywhere, just because they can.

Very cool.