Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pre-orderable: Dewclaw #1

Great name: Dewclaw.

Names are important, especially when the thing doesn't exist yet (as Dewclaw didn't when I subbed).

I have a feeling about this one. I get the sense that Evelyn Hampton (whose own work I get to check out in the upcoming issue of Unsaid) is thinking of the mag itself as a kind of composition, which of course it is -- but I don't know how many eds think of it that way... I saw proofs the other day, and the page design is out of sight.

Really, really looking forward to sitting down w/ it.

Get it now. Get it here.


Claire Donato
Matthew Simmons & Amy Minton
Mike Young
Blake Butler
Rachel B. Glaser
Claire Becker
Shya Scanlon
Cherri Wood
Amina Cain
Kathryn Regina
Matthew Salesses
Scott Garson
Jessica Treat
Leslie Patron
Isadora Bey
Stephanie Brachman

p.s.: for some internet encouragement, read Amina Cain in Action, Yes, or Rachel B. Glaser in elimae.

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