Friday, December 5, 2008

Pre-orderable: AVERY 4

I can't write this up any better than Adam and Steph did, so here goes: "Avery 4 will be out by the end of the year, and it promises to be our flashiest, shiniest issue yet. Avery 4 features stories by Kevin Canty, Hannah Tinti, Edan Lepucki, Rumaan Alam, Samar Fitzgerald, Sophie Rosenblum, Scott Garson, Callie Collins, James Iredell, Jessica Breheny, Sean Walsh, Anna Villegas, and Michael Bourdaghs. The stories are about the following: sex, airplanes, cacti, haircuts, bugs, revolution, siblings, fish, term papers, adoption, shoes and more!"

You'll know which of those mine is about when I tell you the title: "In Lieu of My Final Paper." I'm happy w/ this title. Does it not seem almost as good as a Matt Bell title? I'm happy w/ the story too and thrilled about it being in Avery. Here are some of the things you will read about if you read this story: salad dressings, March Madness, the first days of the Iraq War, Calvino, Swarthmore, going commando, bikini tug of war and the study of laughter.


Charles Lennox said...

I love Calvino.

Chad Simpson said...

I love bikini tug of war.

Seriously, though: Congrats, Scott. Such great company you're going to be keeping in Avery.

What's up with the link to the chapbook on your sidebar? Have you officially announced this? Did I miss it? At any rate: Congrats on this one, too. I just pre-ordered MB's, and I'll be expecting to know when I can pre-order yours as well.

Scott Garson said...

great company for sure!

yeah i announced it on facebook. Molly announced it on her blog; I'm thinking to announce it here after we settle on the final lineup.

more reasons to join facebook....