Saturday, November 8, 2008


* I've been worried about some of my friends' facebook statuses. If you were going to drive a car off a cliff, would you write something odd in your facebook status?

* That graffiti is in London, where I want to say I've never been. I have been there but I was eighteen and did worthless things.

* My friend and I had a third housemate once who was annoying. He came to stand in the doorway of my friend's room and asked him what he was doing and my friend said, Writing. And the third housemate said, Huh, in a cheerful way--I wasn't there but can imagine. Then he said, I'm going to Heckinger's. I'm going to buy a hose and some duct tape to hook it up to my exhaust with so I can kill myself. And my friend said, Have a good time.

* There's more to that graffiti painting. I cut it out. If you want you can see a detail from that other part when you read the next story in Wigleaf, which is by Frances Gapper. I don't know if Frances Gapper is from London, but she is British, I think.

* I almost never update my facebook status. It's like I'm scared of it. It follows me around asking, What are you doing now? And now? And now? What are you doing? Are you doing something now?

* I had a dream last night in which Mike Young sent me a mix he made and did up in a very professional way. He asked me not to sell it, because he hadn't got copyright on any of the stuff he'd put on the mix, but it could have been sold, because it had been done so professionally. The cover of the disc had a burnt orange tone, and though I don't remember the title, at the bottom it said "No Posit Records." This morning I'd like to correct that. Noo Records. Not No Posit. This morning I'd also like to listen to that disc. The packaging was innovative. There was no opening cover. Instead there was a slit in the side, like the slit for a DVD in a Mac, and if you hit a button the disc came rolling out. Thank you for that, Mike Young.


Amanda said...

They say people can't read in their dreams, but I usually am able to read one word or one sentence, like that.
Sounds like a good mix. The school is on fire.

Facebook status: "Amanda is the school is on fire."

Mike Young said...

I want to make you a real dream mix now. A dreamy real mix. Chex and Kix. But my handle on packaging isn't as good as Dream Mike's, so I will probably send you a CD tucked inside of a pancake.

Darby said...

I want whatever my facebook status is at the time to be etched on my tombstone.

Scott Garson said...

Scott was listening to a pancake. R.I.P.

BlogSloth said...

Is that Banksy?

Scott Garson said...

not signed if it is. and seeing it in full I'd say that it doesn't have that link to environment that you get in a lot of his stuff.

BlogSloth said...

Facebook is the core of evil.